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Address: 50 Perry Street Collingwood, Victoria 3066
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Circus Oz was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1978. For over 35 years the company has been putting up extraordinary shows and successfully touring them both nationally and internationally. From New York to South American rainforests, Madrid to outback Australia, Circus Oz has taken its self-crafted performances of wit, grace and spectacle to 27 countries across five continents, to critical acclaim.

The Circus Oz show is a rock-n-roll, animal free circus that adults and children can enjoy together. Celebrating breathtaking stunts, irreverent humour, cracking live music and an all human ensemble, Circus Oz promotes the best of the Australian spirit: generosity, diversity, death-defying bravery, and a fair go for all.

The Challenge

Circus Oz was severely lacking an inefficient technology implementation in the organisation, double handling data entry, moving portable hard drives around the office in order to share files and unable to use WiFi throughout their building. All of this was causing great internal inefficiencies, and employee frustration while also risking the loss of critical data without an adequate backup plan in place.

Our Solution

CoreMind implemented a scalable cloud delivery system for collaboration and serving of the video archives, a new proactively-managed server, a full WiFi fit-out for their new building, a regular backup plan, and technology roadmaps clients measure and manage risk and overcome the odds to realise results.

The Results

Circus Oz was reinvented as a technology powerhouse, reducing risk and employee frustration while significantly increasing employee efficiency and productivity.

“CoreMind improved our employee efficiency and productivity.”

CoreMind greatly improved our employee efficiency and productivity. They have implemented a scalable cloud delivery system for collaboration, a new proactively-managed server, a full WiFi fit-out for our new building, and a regular backup plan.

CoreMind Client Testimonial

Deb Lyon - Finance Manager,  Circus Oz

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